(1) “Makaveli” (wrote on his neck)
(2) Neferetiti with: “2 Die 4″ wrote underneath
(3) “2PAC”
(4) A Skull
(5) Skull And Crossbones with: “Heartless” written above
(6) “Notorious” on forearm
(7) The now famous “Thuglife” across his stomach, the “i” is replaced with a bullet
(8) AK-47 with: “50 Niggaz” (representing all niggaz in all 50 states)
(9) A Black Panther, to show respect to his families ties to the Black Panthers
(10)Jesus on burning cross in crown of thorns with: “Only God Can Judge Me”
(11)“Outlaw” representing his group


(12) A Cross, with the bible verse “Exodus 18:11″, which reads: “Now I know that the Lord is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly he was above them.”
(13) Face with “Smile Now” written below
(15) Crown with “Boss Playaz”
(16)“Fuck The World” across shoulders
(17) Face with “Cry Later” written below
(18)“MOB” on back of his right arm. Representing ‘Money Over Bitches’