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Makaveli - The Way He Wanted It Vol: 1
The thing that makes this Tupac album stand out from the rest others released over the past 10 years is that it was put together by all of Tupac’s original producers: Assassin, Shock G, Mike Mosely, Versatyle, Brooklyn Bound, Randy ‘Stretch’ Walker, Crash, Ant Banks and Rick Rock. This album is a crisp compilation of unreleased tracks, brand new productions and there’s no messing with the lyrics. Featuring original artists on all the songs such as Big Syke, Mopreme, Too Short, Shock G, Rappin 4 Tay, Richie Rich, The Outlawz & Madonna this album is a 2Pac fans best friend. The album’s definitely worth buying if you are a serious Tupac fan and you appreciate the albums ‘Me Against The World and ‘Strictly 4 My N.i.g.g.a.z.’, as it has a similar feel.

1. Intro: The Way He Wanted It
2. Get Money (Featuring Kyle Rifkin)
3. Under Pressure On My Block (Featuring Assassin)
4. What’s Up Wit Tha Luv (Featuring Digital Underground)
5. Ghetto Gospel (Featuring Kyle Rifkin)
6. Black Cotton
7. My Enemy’z (Featuring Silverback Guerillaz)
8. Life’s So Hard On A G
9. Never Be Peace (Featuring C-Bo)
10. Death B4 Dishonor (Featuring Big Syke, Mopreme, 2Side, Assassin)
11. We Do This (Featuring Breed, Too Short, Goldy)
12. Love Letterz (Featuring Assassin, Shock-G, Goldy)
13. Niggaz Done Changed (Featuring Richie Rich)
14. The Life Of The Danga
15. I’d Rather Be You Luva! (Featuring Madonna)
16. All Out (Featuring The Outlawz)



The Way He Wanted Vol 1        The Way He Wanted Vol 2        The Way He Wanted Vol 3
2Pac / Makaveli -- The Way He Wanted Vol: 1                    2Pac / Makaveli -- The Way He Wanted Vol: 2                    2Pac / Makaveli -- The Way He Wanted Vol: 3

The Way He Wanted It Vol 42pac – Those Days Are GoneDJ Critikal – Nothing 2 Lose
Makaveli - The Way He Wanted It Vol 4                    2Pac - Those Days Are Gone                    2Pac & DJ Critikal - Nothing 2 Lose

2Pac – Rap Phenomenon IIDJ Mello-DJ Cinema — Tupac DuetsThe Passion of Tupac
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2Pac & The Game – All Out WarMakaveli – Eternally ThugginHussein Fatal – Makaveli Soldiers
2Pac & The Game - All Out War                    Makaveli Tha Don -  Eternally Thuggin                    Hussein Fatal - Makaveli Soldiers

2Pac – Ten Years Gone2Pac – Ten Years Gone Vol 22pac – American Gangster
2Pac & Lil Prophet - Ten Years Gone Vol 1                    2Pac & Lil Prophet - Ten Years Gone Vol 2                    2Pac - American Gangster - 2007

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2Pac – The Rebirth Vol 22Pac – Ready 2 Die2Pac – Black Angel Of Death
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2Pac & 50 Cent – Ride On Our Enemies2Pac – Americas Favorite Rapper 22Pac – A Decade Of Silence
2Pac & 50 Cent - Ride On Our Enemies                    2Pac - Americas Favorite Rapper 2                    2Pac - A Decade Of Silence

2Pac & Notorious B.I.G. – 2 Big2Pac & B.I.G. – Breaking The Barrier2Pac & Biggie – Reincarnated
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