An Introduction to Discord

Introduction to Discord

What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice and text chat app made for gamers. Discord syncs with a user’s personal computer or mobile device over a local Wi-Fi or high-speed internet connection, and is intended to replace both the functions of Skype and Teamspeak. Discord Names by thakoni can be used with Discord Nitro, which has additional features that are either unavailable or require an upgrade to use on Skype or Teamspeak.

Users can create text channels for different topics, share videos, images and other files, send direct messages, and join gaming servers through the use of a single application rather than logging into individual services individually. There are more than 150 million registered users as of November 2021 across the globe.

The Different Types of Servers in the Discord Community

Discord is an international social media platform which has about 50 million users. On the Discord server, people can create text and voice channels, share pictures, videos and games. There are four types of servers on Discord which are public server, private server, invite-only server and role-restricted server.

Public servers are open to everyone who has a login account on Discord globally. You can join any public server you want without invitation or verification. Private servers are created by the group owner for their friends or for their game communities. Invite-only servers require an invitation before someone can be added to the channel list of the channel you’re in.A role-restricted discord server is a type of discord private server that restricts some roles to only certain members who meet some requirements that the owner set up ahead.

The Unique Features of Discord Compared to Other Messaging Apps

Discord is a communication platform that is focused on gamers. It offers voice chat, text chat, and the ability to share screens. It also has a server feature that lets gamers create their own servers for games like “Minecraft” or “League of Legends.”

There are lots of other communication apps out there that Discord competes with, but it offers many unique features that make it different from the rest.

Discord offers voice chat, text chat, and the ability to share screens. Rather than being just an app for messaging only, Discord is focused on being a communication platform where people can come together to talk about games or any topic they want. The best part is that Discord has servers so users can create their own servers for games like “Minecraft” or “League of Legends.”

How to Create a Server on Discord – Step-by-Step Guide for Lazy People Like Me!

I will show you how to create a server on discord step-by-step, with screenshots and commentary!

1) On your browser, go to

2) Click invite link next to “add server” at the top right of the website

3) Fill in all required information (name, email, password) and click “Create Server”