Anime Review: Needless: A Look at a Sci-fi Series that is All About the Action

Anime Review

Needless starts with a cowardly boy named Cruz Schild, who flees a killing machine called testament. Although he escapes, his sister does not survive. According to demon slayer merch, She becomes yet another casualty of Simeon, a corporation that has a dictatorship over Japan after World War III has left the world in nuclear ruin.

The world’s population has significantly decreased but then emerged a people with special powers, the “Needless.” They get their powers from a “fragment” and they each can only hold one fragment. The Simeon Corporation has been hunting and capturing the Needless, but the public does not know why.

After escaping, Cruz is saved from another machine by a leather clad priest named Adam Blade. He brings the child home to a church. Cruz admires Blade and become part of his team which includes Eve Neuschwanstein a bubbly girl who cannot remember names and Gido a scientist who is lively for his old age.

Needless‘ Story

The 24 episode series follows Adam Blade’s group as they fight against Simeon who is chasing after Cruz because he is one the last members of the resistance against the company. But as the group get deeper into their battles with the company, Blade, Eve and Gido discover they share a common past with Simeon CEO Adam Arclight.

The supposed plot twists are predictable. By simply comparing character appearances, one can figure the bulk of the surprises.

The religious overtones – a priest, Adam and Eve, Testament – seem unnecessary at first but comes together at the end when truth reveals itself. On the other hand, Needless, the anime’s title and the name for fragment users does not get explained and does not make any sense.

Character: Cruz Schild

Cruz does not have a fragment but he uses his intelligence to help defeat enemies. He gradually becomes more self confident, but there is not much character development. Since it is an action anime and he does not have any combat ability, he is put to the sidelines for most of the show.

Character: Adam Blade

Blade is loud and always in a fight. He always has his eight-pack chest out and sunglasses on. He is far from the typical priest. He has the Zero fragment, which allows him to copy other’s abilities. This combined with the Byakugou, the jewel on his forehead that allows him to analyse data while fighting makes him the greatest threat to Simeon.

He is shown as silly and unintelligent but he always pulls through in the end with his determination.

Other Characters

Eve has the doppelganger fragment that allows her to change her body’s composition and shape. For example she can shield herself with an arm of steel or turn her hand into a drill. Eve provides eye candy with her skimpy outfit and comedic relief with her inability to remember names.

As the Blade’s group get closer to corporation they are joined by more allies who help them fight the army of fragment users the company has collected.

Art and Animation of Madhouse

Madhouse studios has nicely adapted Kami Imai’s style into the anime. The art style is very similar. The animation is sharp and fluid that lends well to the action scenes. The fight scenes are seamless and smooth except for the occasional rough animation that imitates a draft manga style. The colours are vivid and plentiful, seen in the character costumes.

Characters have exaggerated features and clothing. Blade’s coat had a huge standing collar and the tattered bottom seems to be always floating in the wind, even when indoors.

All characters have distinct features and in a way they are colour coded. Simeon’s Girl Force is filled with girls with all different hair colours and styles.

The Fights and Inconsistencies

Since it is primarily an action anime, the best part of the program is the fights. It is interesting to see a fight between very different abilities like scent vs. gravity or when certain abilities are combined to make a better attack.

There are many inconsistencies that appear in the fight scenes. Such as characters being beaten and physically exhausted, to being ready to fight another three rounds in a few minutes. Or someone get hits by an attack and gets a hole punched through them, while another person gets hit with the same attack but only gets knocked off their feet or tears their clothing.

Needless’ love for Fanservice

Needless is the word that best describes the amount of fanservice in this anime.

There are many strong female characters but it seems the only reason they are there is for fanservice, exciting fans with sexual content.

Whenever a woman fights she is guaranteed to lose the bulk of her clothing while the men get a few tears but that’s it.

One of Simeon strongest and well endowed fighters wears two strips of tape for a top. The Simeon Girl Force, always gets into sticky situations that require them to take off their clothes. Their uniforms, which are school girl uniforms, have plaid micro-minis that allow for panty shots in every other scene.


Needless is over the top, but that is what action animes are all about. Unfortunately, the story is simple and predictable which leaves the fanservice as its only memorable feature.