Did Tupac Introduce Snoop to Smoking Blunts?

Smoking Blunts

If someone told you that famous rapper, Snoop Dogg, was once naïve and unaware of buying weed, would you really believe it? Well, if you are like most people, your answer would be no. Well, this is because almost the entire world knows that Snoop Dogg loves to smoke weed. The rapper has even admitted that he smokes 81 blunts in a day times seven.

In fact, he has aired his views on taxing legal cannabis, saying that he wouldn’t mind to pay tax if that would mean legalizing weed. Although Marijuana in Canada is legal, the herb is still illegal in most states and countries in the world.

The media has shown and exposed his addiction issues for a very long time and it’s impossible to think that Snoop would be without some cigars. So, rewinding the events, who really introduced Snoop to smoking the first blunt?

Where Did It All Began

Well, based on further research, of course, by the media, it turned out that former rapper Tupac Shakur was the one who first showed Snoop the detailed methods on how to smoke blunts.

It happened when the two famous rappers attended a party wrap for a film called “Poetic Justice.” These two icons of rap were not yet friends at that time. They were actually complete strangers to each other and they were not even acquaintances.

However, during an uncomfortable session or group discussion between some of the rivals, Tupac decided to give Snoop some marijuana to smoke. Both admitted that because of that one moment, the two famous rappers were able to like each other’s company. For them, good friends are friends with weed. With this information, it was confirmed that Tupac Shakur was really the one who handed Snoop his first Marijuana in Canada.

During the said party, they were actually on a freestyle battle. They were asked to perform a freestyle rap that encourages them to stay on beat without getting awkward pauses. Thus, after the overwhelmed Snoop Dogg ended his battle with the opponent and merely decided to hang outside for a short puff.

So, during that outdoor session, things really got awkward and silent. This is where Tupac decided to pass some cigars to everyone. Snoop was reported to be extremely nervous at that time, that he almost did not take the cigar from Tupac. As a response, Tupac did not take no for an answer, but instead, he patiently taught Snoop Dogg how to correctly smoke.

Snoop said that he and Tupac were just looking at each other and he was kind of hesitant to take his offer at first. However, things changes when Tupac creatively introduced him the weed and offered to show him how to properly roll it up.

Since then, a blunt has been served as a symbol of peace between the two rap opponents. Besides, the weed that they shared that day really helped Snoop remember their friendship. As everyone knows, their friendship actually lasted until Tupac’s death in the year 1996.