Reasons Why Tupac Is the Greatest Rapper of All Time

Tupac Is the Greatest Rapper

Twenty years after his death, Tupac Shakur’s music remains to be the best and meaningful in the changing world. As you can read on, The songs resonate with real issues that continue to affect individuals, especially the youth.

On social media platforms such as Facebook, Tupac remains the legendary rapper that has been celebrated extensively for the longest time. His prowess in bringing out meaningful, lyrical, and sweet hip hop music is a talent that needs no comparison to any other.

He was an influencer and a daredevil

Despite being the best of all time, controversy surrounded his music journey. The tattoos on his chest revealed associations with thug life raising questions over his real identity. He greatly influenced society by addressing the many issues faced by young people.

He fired shots in his songs when needed and even made sure that the songs were released fast to relay the message. He addressed the social and political issues at that time without favor.

Vocal prowess

Tupac had a powerful voice that brought out his message explicitly. While drawing inspiration from exemplary speakers such as Martin Luther King, he expressed issues of concern with a matching voice.

The rapper insisted on specific rhythms and sounds to deliver his message. He controlled his rhythms depending on the emotions expressed on definite lyrics.


While Tupac was considered versatile because of the various issues he addressed in his songs, he remained consistent and released numerous quality songs. Some of his tunes took minutes to make because he believed in managing time.

The songs impressed his fans all over the world, and even today, people express emotions about his lyrics on Facebook. None of his songs disappointed his fans.

His ability to tell stories

When listening to his lyrics, one can easily resonate with what he says. For instance, the song “Dear Mama” expresses the remorsefulness for the past mistakes and the struggles his mum faced while raising him.

You can easily create an image of the events in your mind. On the other hand, he expressed the right tone when needed to elicit emotions from the listener.

His collaborations were significant

Tupac sampled some of the most powerful and influential artists in the music industry. Artists such as Steve Wonder, Public Enemy, and James Brown were iconic artists that helped propel his music. While considering samples, Tupac incorporated creative songs and people that could influence.


With the massive impact and success at such a young age, Tupac Shakur is undoubtfully the greatest rapper of all time. He managed to garner huge crowds, change the hip-hop industry, and also sell more music.

Considering the growth that the music industry has taken, I bet Tupac could have a great following on Facebook and even make huge sales over social media platforms.

More people would easily connect with his music because he was real, unapologetic, and resourceful. He envisioned sparking the brains that could change the world. He was quite an iconic inspiration.