Influence Of Tupac Shakur To the World

Influence Of Tupac Shakur

Ever heard the name “2Pac”? You can observe probably that the speakers of most clubs are overdosed with mumble raps and even K-Pop hip-hop-ish vibes. But make no mistake; the rap you’re hearing in DJ wearing headphones will not boom that big and recognizable if it weren’t for 2Pac.

Background Of 2Pac

During the 90s, where hip-hop transitioned from making music with the beats from DJ equipment to producing politically-driven lyrical masterpieces, Tupac Shakur, also known as 2Pac, is considered one of the best.

In fact, the hip-hop scene is divided in its country of origin by two regions: the West Coast, where 2Pac reigned supreme, and the East coast, where Notorious B.I.G is hailed as king. The two young rappers became rivals for the throne, and that rivalry has a price.

The two of them met an untimely death, one year after another year, in gang-related shoot-outs. But before the death of 2Pac in 1996, he had made headlines that seemed to shape the public’s view in him as a person and in hip-hop in general.

2Pac’s Influence

2Pac is easily one of the greatest rappers to ever lived, along with Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, and other legends. You can say he is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

Living under the spotlights of Hollywood during his rise to stardom, 2Pac is not limited to hip hop only. He made some things that even go beyond the music genre itself. Here are some of the results of 2Pac’s influence.

In a 1992 movie “Juice”, 2Pac was cast as “Bishop”, who is a troubled teen from high school that molds his self to be a cold-hearted murderer. His performance was praised as the first-ever great dramatic acting by a rapper in a movie.

He is known to be the first to embrace the gangster persona and turned into a lifestyle showcasing masculinity.

2Pac’s sexual assault trial in New York was the first, arguably, celebrity court case featuring a rapper.

Before 2Pac was admitted to prison for the conviction of sexual assault, he completed a “pre-prison” rap album. He was said to be first to do so.

During the acquisition of 2Pac by the hottest and the most notorious American record label, Death Row Records, they dropped the first-ever double CD hip-hop album.

2Pac is the first rapper where there are conspiracy theories popularized that he was still alive.

2Pac is the first rapper who has his estate being mine-stripped for a new product during the beginning of November, in the year 1997 with “R U Still Down? (Remember Me)”.

Even though he died in his mid-20s, 2Pac created tons of materials and produce plenty of hits that are instant classics of today.


2Pac is considered an icon in the hip-hop genre and in pop culture. Not only his music became the motivation for others, his personality and his drive for the necessary things beyond the music scene also encouraged other celebrities to embrace that politically activist side.