Top Cameras for Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging and Vlogging

Thinking of upgrading your blogging or vlogging camera and want to learn what is perfect d3100 lens and having a difficult time deciding the right one? Well, fret not, sit back and read through to shed some light and help you decide which one you should buy. It’s very important that before you head out to spend money on your upgrade, look at some of the aspects that would help you pick the perfect fit for your needs.

Finding the Right Camera

Unlike a professional photographer, a blogger or vlogger’s camera doesn’t need to be on a very high-edge. For vloggers, video quality is more way important. For blogging cameras, a handy compact camera can do the job well. You have to invest in an interchangeable, high-quality camera and camera lenses as this will be necessary for your subjects to be flexibly shot. Hence, it would be ideal to invest in high-quality camera lenses in a reasonably-priced body. Here are suggested top cameras for your blogging and vlogging needs:

Best Cameras for Blogging

Sony a6500. For blogger/travelers, this handy, compact camera that you can carry lightly wherever you go is just perfect for your blogging needs. Though it has lesser battery life compared to other cameras, it has a wide range of benefits. There is a wide range of selection of camera lenses available in the market for the Sony a6500. With its 11 frames per second, it permits quick action shots. Aside from its 4K video stabilization, it is also ideal for low-light scenes and shots.

Nikon D5600. One of the most excellent entry-level cameras for bloggers is known for its decent photo quality and good battery life for easy usage especially among travelers. Lens options for the D5600 are also widely sold in the market, not only from Nikon but also from third-party brands as well. Also, it is known to perform even in difficult light scenes.

Best Cameras for Vlogging

Canon G7x Mark II. This camera is ideal for beginners or for those who just started their blog, this one right here is worthy of your investment. Light and compact are the best descriptions, also, one of the inexpensive and quality cameras available in the market today. With its high ISO range, it still works well in low light conditions. Moreover, Canon G7x Mark II has a quick and sharp autofocus feature, excellent for vlogs.

Sony RX100 VII. If you are a creative vlogger that takes control of your videos and photos, this one is an excellent choice for you to invest in. A small but terrible camera, which has all the essentials in vlogger or blogger needs. With its 357 points of autofocus, there will be no gaps in autofocus no matter how far or near you are from the lens. Its zoom-length is 24-200mm can shoot 4K videos. Known for its feature to decrease photo blur and a microphone jack for your vlogging needs. With all these remarkable features, the Sony RX100 VII can be considered as one of the most –pricey compact vlogging cameras in the market nowadays.