The Ultimate List For Beginners On How To Learn Playing The Piano

laying The Piano

One of the hardest musical instruments to learn is playing the Best digital piano or keyboard. Unlike the guitar or drums, the keyboard needs electricity to operate while the piano is just too large to bring anywhere. For that reason, learning to play the keyboard or the piano needs a concentrated time on a fixed position.

Setting Up The Mindset

So that you can maximize your time on learning, you have to prepare your mindset. Here are the things you have to keep in mind and be consistent with:

Maintain the keyboard or piano in good condition.

Set attainable, specific goals for every learning session.

Secure reliable learning sources that are conducive for practice and encouraging facing challenges.

Seek excellence in every practice and make it a habit to perfect your craft.

Allow yourself to be given feedbacks from mentors and trusted colleagues.

Build confidence through practicing diligently and humble exposure to musical activities.

Things To Consider When Learning To Play

When you are mentally prepared, you will now be considering the tangible aspects. Learning a craft requires such an investment of effort, time, and even financial resources. So, it is important to evaluate yourself if you can meet up such requirements


Playing the piano takes time. All fingers are required including those from your non-dominant hand. Plus, the level of articulation and coordination are very much demanding to the point of borderline discouraging for those with ‘normal’ capability.

The bulk of learning is repetition until it will be second to nature and be easier to adapt to any kind of music. When you decide to start learning, consistency will be one of the greatest factors of success.


A piano or a keyboard might cost more money than having a convenient instrument like a guitar. So, if you are looking to buy one, make sure you have a space in your home or room to set-up and learn. Select those known brands with high quality.


It’s hard to just learn to play the keyboard on your own. The best course of action is to enroll in music classes or tutorials. They can be affordable but if you can’t learn anything, then it will be a waste. Aim for the services of a proper mentor with flexible teaching ability.

Learning The Basics

Now that you are mentally prepared and fully invested, it is time to learn to play systematically. These are the most basic skills that must be ingrained on you in order to reach for more heights of success.

Musical Notes 

It is impossible to play without learning musical notes. You have to know what note is being represented on the music sheet and what note sounds like. From there, you will learn how to produce that note through your keyboard or piano.

Keys And Chords

This is where your knowledge of notes is put into practice from your ears and eyes, then to your fingertips. Your hand placements, movements, and your overall musical sense will have to develop by constant repetition.

Patterns And Practice

To test your mastery, there are activities and samples that your mentor will provide. Each will serve as a stepping stone towards the next skill you have to learn. Apply patience and diligence on your practice and reviewing of your mistakes.

Online Learning Resources

If you find that the time to learn in a music school or tutorial is not enough or you have a hard time understanding the lessons from your mentors, here are some online learning resources you can tap into.

Youtube Videos

Mobile Apps For Skill Improvement

Mobile Games For Coordination


Learning to play the keyboard or piano takes a more complex path to be a musician. Some may get discouraged due to the talent ceiling. However, if you have a passion for it, you will certainly attain a higher level of satisfaction on whatever success you’ll end up with.