The trick behind Tupac’s Coachella Hologram Performance

trick behind Tupac’s Coachella Hologram

Technology has long taken over this era. It is beyond incredible to see how far it brought us. And although most of the applied-science innovations like luffy action figures are sharp and valuable, others are just slightly weird yet still kind of fascinating. For example, that performance of Tupac through hologram during 2012 Coachella. That was totally unforgettable.

It has been eight years since that performance. Let us unravel the real deal behind that iconic production and explore what has become of the Holographic Projection today.

How it worked

Apparently, Tupac was not the first one to do this sort of performance. Few artists like Madonna and Celine Dion had a fair share of their performances enhanced of this tech. However, for an icon like Tupac who was shot dead in 1996, an illusion of him performing through this brought mixed feelings. It is like he resurrected.

But, Digital Domain Media Group–producers of special effects in movies like Transformers and X-men–explained that it was in fact, not Hologram imaging. It was actually an old theatrical trick they incorporated with modern touch of 2012’s technology.

They pulled the production off by strategically mounting an overhead projector where it can reflect down to a tilted glass that was placed on the stage floor. As it reflected, it then created a 3-D illusion on a resin like screen, when in fact it was just 2D. That illusion allowed other performers to walk in front of Tupac as if they all were interacting in one stage, which was cool.

Holographic Projection Technology Today

Holographic Projection was an entire hit for movies, without a doubt. Especially with the improving CGI animation, the 3D hologram images on movies are simply astonishing. It is like peeking at the future.

Aside from industry, there are other interesting fields that used Holographic Projection. Seemingly, there are companies that utilize the basic component of the technology to stage inanimate objects to life including action figures. Imagine those Luffy Action Figures you have around the corner and the possibility of bringing them to life.

Gadgets were created after this old theatre trick which is impressive. In fact, those who had real hand experience with the said gadget, characterized it as a unique experience. Luffy Action Figures enthusiasts are more than thrilled with the fact that collectibles can now be imaged with special effects.

The Future of Holographic Technology

As of now, 3D hologram is still limited to making an illusion through lights and projection. However, lots of innovative companies have been working into creating the 3D hologram dream come true.

In a distant future, a 3D hologram images right above the surfaces may be achieved. Other researchers have even shared their interest in merging the technology to a sleeker smartphone designs and functionality.


It is impressive how that one-night show of Tupac had opened ideas and concepts for a better use of Holographic Technology. Now, all we can do is anticipate its progress. We sure cannot wait long enough when 3D holograms are no longer projected and manipulated to look like one.