Top Movies Suitable for Music Lovers

Movies Suitable

It has been a while since the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) as a pandemic through the film streaming online. As a preventive measure against the said disease, mass gatherings are suspended and people are asked to stay at home for some time.

Aside from finishing school works or office works at home, people staying at home are looking for things to do to relieve their boredom. If you love listening to music and film streaming, maybe it is the right time to maximize your Netflix subscription. Here are some recommendations for your film streaming at home that you and your family will surely enjoy.

  • Who killed Nancy? This is a documentary film about the death of Nancy Spungen and the accusation against Sid Vicious. Sid is Nancy’s boyfriend and the bassist of the band Sex Pistols. The film is created as requested by Sid’s mother who committed suicide in 1996. After less than two hours of this film, ask yourself. Who do you think killed Nancy?
  • The Dirt. This one is a bit lighter compared to the previous film. The genre is a comedy-drama about the adventures of the Motley Crue.
  • Sound City. Sound City is a studio located in Los Angeles where various great rock albums were recorded. This is a documentary film directed by Dave Grohl that will surely make you appreciate rock music even more.
  • Fyre Fraud. Fyre Fraud is another documentary film about planning and promoting a Fyre Festival, a music festival that is assumed to be the greatest but turned out the opposite. You may choose between the documentary from Netflix and Hulu.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody. This film is about the struggles, hard work, perseverance, and success of the Queen. The lead character is also the band’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury.
  • Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Released in 2008, this rom-com drama is perfect for a night date. This is a story of break up, moving on, and loving again.
  • Dope. This is a drama-comedy film about an aspiring student to enter Harvard University. His name is Malcolm, with good academic standing. However, he got himself engaged in drugs. Will, he still achieve his dream or will he be trapped with drugs?
  • Kurt & Courtney. This is another documentary film released in 1998 is about death and allegations of a couple.
  • The Other F Word. Released in 2011, this is produced by an independent filmmaker. This tackles the family life of your beloved punk rock heroes.
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. This film is about how the main character, Scott Pilgrim, tries to win the heart of the girl he loves over the other several exes.

You could probably be preparing your place for your film streaming for the following days. These films would last for days or even a week. Hopefully, you may gain worthy insight from these films as these involve relationships with family, friends, or special someone, society’s condition especially the justice system, and valuing the music industry.