Google home tips for music lovers

home tips for music lovers

Technology really provides every person exactly what they need. In connection to this, we all know that people naturally have their own demand, need and standard at certain things. One of the many demands of a person when it comes to looking for Audio devices that suits their need is a smart speaker that has the ability to stream a very wide range of music coming from multiple services.

One of the many examples of a product of technology is the Google Home Speaker that is suitable for people who like to listen to music or people that are certainly called the music lovers. These audio devices are believed to be good and great at playing one’s favorite tune even when the user does not know the title of the song.

These Google home speakers are voice commanded. It is the one who searches for the certain songs you wanted to listen to so you just have to command it by saying “OK Google, play….” so you just give the title of the song you wanted to be played or together with the singer of the certain song you wanted to be played. You can also change the default services of your Google Home speakers so with music lovers, they can set the default music service.

To change this setting, you just have to connect it to a mobile device like an iPhone or Android device and then you can see on your device three-lined hamburger button located at the top left to expand the menu options and just select Music from the list and link your accounts if you need to. Just because you already set a default setting in your Google Home speakers, which does not mean that you can command anything anymore and so that you can still command other services, you just have to be very clear with your command like: “OK Google, play Brand New on Google Play Music”.

You can also set up multiroom audio. So, if you are an owner of more than one Google Home speakers, then you can play the same music simultaneously by creating an audio group so all devices should be connected on the same Wi-Fi network.

You can also throw music to the TV but only if you have chrome cast, you can control it with your Google Home speakers. You can also find songs based on their context, identify certain songs, or even have third-party applications like games namely: Music quiz, guess the lyrics or song of the day is just a few examples.

You can also place a music alarm on your device (the Google Home Speakers) like your favorite song, put a sleep timer and etc. These are all possible with Google Home speakers. Always remember and keep in mind to give very specific commands to Google home speakers to perform a task correctly.

These kinds of Google audio devices helps users to easily find and play their favorite types of music while also bonding with their friends or families with the help of various features the audio device can offer.