The most impressive speakers in 2019

impressive speakers in 2019

A good speaker is the one that delivers the best services for the intended purposes. In 2019, several speakers have been produced, but only a fraction of them has met the expectations of the users. The best pioneer head units were reviewed by many bloggers and below is my review.

Overall Best speakers: GoldenEar Technology Triton Five

This speaker is certainly the best in 2019. It has the ability to offer quality sounds similar to speakers that cost $10,000; however, it only costs a fraction of this price. They have a nice appearance with a sleek black cover. Besides the aesthetic aspects, these speakers are fitted with double six-inch midrange drives to ensure only quality sound is propelled towards your eardrum. Four eight-inch passive bass radiators enhance the quality of sound when listening to bass-oriented music such as hip-hop and hunk.

The best home theater speaker: SVS Prime Tower Surround

These speakers are best for home theater lovers. They have an excellent design with five sets of speakers. They are fitted with audiophile-grade towers that ensure that you enjoy your music from relatively cheap speakers. It is worth noting that they might not be the best for movie experience; however, adding a subwoofer from the company will give you the best experience for movie lovers.

The best Music speakers: KEF LS50 Wireless

Music speakers are usually in high demand throughout the year. KEF LS50 Wireless is definitely the best speaker you can acquire for music. It is cheap and does not require an amplifier since they are inbuilt and they are ideal for wireless sound. Using a smartphone app, you can easily control them while enjoying live streams.

The Best budget-friendly speakers: Klipsch Reference Bookshelf

Budget is one of the considerations when buying speakers. Klipsch Reference Bookshelf is a low-budget speaker that offers quality sound. They are small in size but stylish. They come in two models; powered and non-powered models. Non-powered design is better because it will come at no extra cost for amplification.

The best speakers to use in music production: JBL 306P MKII

While working in music production, you probably want to have the best results that will also be cost-effective. JBL 306P MKII is excellent for a professional studio as well as for personal use. The fuller 6-inch woofer produces excellent bass that allows perfect mixing.

The best speakers to use with WI-FI: Riva Concert

If you are looking for wireless speakers, Riva Concert is arguably the best. They are easy to operate with WIFI to offer the best sound while connected to any sound source that is WIFI enabled.

The best speakers to use for gaming: Logitech G560

For game lovers, Logitech G560 will spice-up the experience you get while playing your game. The lighting system will lighten the mood of the game. They also offer excellent loud sounds for games. They have built-in mics that allow communication with the playing partners.


Speakers are part of modern entertainment. They are connected to various devices, and thus it is always good to select the best speaker for your intended use. The above list forms the best speakers that you can buy for various uses in 2019.