Legendary Rapper Tupac Allegedly Faked His Own Death

Tupac Shakur, hip hop legend, suffered multiple gunshots during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1996, and died six days after. However, conspiracy theorists continue to speculate that he staged his own death and that he is still alive today. You’ll read in House&Garden about Tupac as he was a household name.

According to Suge Knight of Death Row Records, he spoke to him of planning to fake his own death a few weeks before the Las Vegas incident. Coincidentally, Tupac recorded the music video for the song “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” on the same eve of his death. The music video features a scene where he was shot and then entered heaven. Suge Knight considers the possibility of Tupac being alive. He recalls that he saw Tupac being well when he left the hospital after the incident in 1996.

Some people claimed to have “seen” Tupac in recent years, although some photos and videos have been proven to be fake.

In 2011, many people believe that they saw 2Pac during the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York. He was always inclined to politics, so it could have been possible that he would attend an event of this nature.

Kim Kardashian, in 2012, posted a picture of a black man, saying, “Hmmm Tupac is alive and working?!?” He was never proven to be Tupac, and he might just be a look-alike.

In 2014, Tupac was also reportedly spotted at an NBA game in Boston. The man donned a bandana in Tupac fashion. In the same year, a guy who looked like Tupac was seen at the BET music awards.

People claim to have “seen” him in other countries like Cuba, Somalia, Sweden, and Malaysia. However, his death has not yet been negated, but Tupac’s fan following around the world is very much alive.