Tupac’s 1995 Prison ID was sold for $30,000

The ID card that Tupac used back in 1995 in New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility was sold for $30,000. His mother wasn’t very happy about this outcome.

The lucky fan successfully got the rapper’s memento in a public auction last July 1, 2019. The bid started at $2,000, and after a few weeks, a few thousand visits, and 30 bids, the deal was sealed.

Tupac used this particular prison ID when he served jail time for 11 months due to rape charges. Suge Knight later bailed him out in exchange of a record deal with his label Death Row Records. It turned out to be a profitable bet, as hip hop legend Tupac released his best-selling album “All Eyez on Me” with Knight.

This ID contains a mugshot of Tupac, his signature, and details including his date of birth, eye color, and weight. It was issued on February 28, 1995, although he started his sentence two weeks earlier. The back of the card states that he was required to carry it with him at all times inside the correctional facility.

This was not the first time that Tupac memorabilia was auctioned. His hand-drawn greeting card of an erotic scene between him and his then-girlfriend sold for $21,155,75. A 60-year-old man put up the winning bid.